Welcome To Storm Net 3 Live On-Line!

This new site is the future home of all the latest and greatest advancements to our Storm Net 3 Live network. Please use the links at the top of the screen.

Below is a listing of the current items on this website and a brief description.

Storm Net 3 Live Folder - A discussion website set up for interaction between schools and teachers with a Storm Net 3 Live weather station and KIMT.
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Internet Data - A website provided by Iowa State University that provides graphs of historical data as well as other ways to view Storm Net 3 Live data from the station at your school and others.

KIMT Website - Links to our main KIMT website and the various weather pages.

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  • 8/25/05 - Storm Net Live.com Launched
  • 8/25/05 - Storm Net 3 Live Folder Launched